Thamash Kestawitz was born and raised in Dresden, Germany.

 After completing a Media Design education course at the TÜV Academy in Dresden, he moved to Mittweida to study Media Technology at the University Of Applied Sciences HSMW (FH).

Interestingly, this degree course, merges two main occupational images, which formerly were taught separately: the occupational image of an engineer and that of a journalist.
The rapid development in the IT-sector and the convergence of existing distribution channels, continuously generate many new application possibilities, which need to be realized technically, filled with content and capacity, and marketed, respectively.

A still expanding and diverse branch is waiting for applicants of Media Technology, requiring flexible personnel and executives who obtain a broad portfolio of knowledge and skills in both, the technological and journalistic, and in the economic sector.
Depending on personal profiling during studies and in practice-based project work, graduates from Mittweida perform tasks which reflect quite different occupational images: Editors and producers in classical media, online editors and web reporters, content-managers, screen-designers, multimedia-programmers, camera crews, cutters, directors, as well as  development and service technicians and project and distribution engineers.

The modularized degree course is accredited and complies with the new European standards.

During the course of his studies, Thamash Kestawitz has worked for the BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH, a union of universities in Saxony, where he designed online degree courses as a member of the E-Learning Competence Team, and received the certification ‘E-Learning Tutor’.

Thamash’s field of specialization includes print media conception and design, screen design, as well as the development of E-Learning systems and education concepts. Additionally, his expertise also covers the areas of journalism, public relations, event management, marketing and advertisement consulting.